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White Teeth For Life


Do you want to:

  • Look younger?
  • Be more confident?
  • Love your smile?
  • Get generally whiter teeth?

What if we told you that you could have a brighter, whiter, more beautiful smile for the rest of your life? Join our White Teeth For Life Program today and you can have that smile you've always dreamed of... indefinitely!


How it works:

New Patients

  • First you will come in for an initial exam, cleaning and x-rays.
  • Once your teeth are cleaned and healthy, you will get a great discount on your initial whitening procedure!
  • We will provide you with custom fitted professional whitening trays for a one-time enrollment fee of $249.00.
  • When you keep your regular dental visits, 2-4 times per year as recommended, we will be happy to supply you with a tube of whitening gel at each recare visit for FREE!

Existing Patients

  • If you would like to join our White Teeth For Life Program you can enroll for the one-time low enrollment fee of $249.00.
  • Then as you come in 2-4 times yearly for your regular dental check-ups, you will receive a whitening syringe at each recare visit for FREE!


All we ask of you:

  • Abide by our appointment policy.
  • Keep your regular hygiene visits during the year.
  • Complete your diagnosed treatment.
  • Keep your account balance current.


Ready to get started with a lifetime of white smiles? Give us a call at (616) 842-1188 or email us at



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